House plants are a wonderful way to bring calm, serenity and clean air in to your home. Whether you are growing simple green leafy house plants or even growing your own fresh vegetables and herbs, a good plant light is essential. Many plants do not do very well in the shade and need additional lighting in your home if they are going to thrive.

Floor plant lights are convenient and efficient, and can be adjusted to the height you need for your plants. They can even be moved around the house to different locations if needed, without complicated hanging hardware or the need for drilling in to your ceiling or walls.

This industrial floor lamp gives 30W of plant friendly LED lights to keep your house plants happy all winter long. It includes a six foot long cable, flexible gooseneck, warm white light plus red light, and 30 day warranty. It has a height range of 2.2 feet to 4.8 feet.

This powerful 60W floor light is suitable for multiple large plants. It is perfect if you have a lot of outdoor plants that need to winter indoors, or if you just want to bring some extra light to a dark corner where your plants live inside. This light comes equipped with a six foot cable, double gooseneck lamps with warm white and red lights, easy assembly and 30 day warranty. It has a height range of 2.5 feet to six feet.  THe light covers a 4′ x 6′ area.

This light is designed to simulate sunlight indoors during the long winter months. It is dual purpose, and can be used to supplement your plants. It comes with a natural spectrum bulb and measures 10″ x 9″ x 60″.

This light is designed to mimick sunlight during winter time. It is also great for supplemental light for your plants. This type of light is so important to both indoor and outdoor plants during winter months, and can help keep your potted plants healthy and thriving. This light has a multi-directional gooseneck. It has a 27W bulb with a 1300 lumen output and 6500K natural daylight temperature.

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This stylish, modern lamp is remote controlled, so you do not have to walk into yoru garden room to adjust it. This is perfect if you place it behind a bunch of plants, because otherwise you would have to be constantly moving plants around to turn the light on and off. This light has two additional modes for adjusting the light intensity. It consumes only six Watts but puts out 500 lumens of light intensity. The LED bulb has a lifespan of 30,000 hours.

This Verilux lamp is everything you need to keep your plants happy inside. It has a long lasting natural spectrum LED bulb, adjustable gooseneck, and adjustable color temperature and dimmer. The dimmer makes this light more customizable than other options, and makes it also great for crafting and reading.

This natural dayligh lamp comes in either a light grey or dark brown color to match your decor. It has a color temperature of 6400K and includes a 27 Watt bulb with a 8,000 hour lifespan. This versatile lamp can also be used for reading or crafting when you are not using it on your plants.

This flexible gooseneck lamp features a wheeled base so you can easily move it from place to play in your grow room. It is perfect for supplemental light, or for overwintering plants that usually live outdoors. It includes a bulb and is 18W.

This 54W light is one of the most powerful on the list. It is a T5 fluorescent light and it comes with its own adjustable stand. The stand is easy to set up, adjustable, and works great in any grow room. T5 light is approximate to sunlight and is well known for its ability to boost plants’ vegetative growth, making it perfect for seedlings, sprouts, or leafy green plants.

If you prefer T5 fluorescent lighting, this grow light stand is the best choice. This light comes with a 54 Watt T5 light and the stand ready to set up. It is perfect for seedlings or even for larger plants. T5 light is approximate to sunlight and is great for vegetative plant growth.

If you prefer a larger indoor grow light for your plants, this stand makes it easy. This stand features a four foot, 36 Watt LED bulb that will keep even large plants happy indoors. The LED uses a premium quality red-blue-white LED configuration that covers a larger area, and has a better spectrum of lighting, than most floor lights. This light and stand also comes with a one year warranty.

Growing plants indoors can be a tricky business if you do not have the right equipment. Supplemental lighting is usually required, especially during winter months when sunlight is less intense and days are shorter. The floor plant lights on this list will give your plants that extra boost they need to stay healthy and green all year long. 

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