The 11th season of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Jerry Seinfeld’s little-web-series that could, is officially out on Netflix. If we’re counting years, Friday’s premiere marked seven years to the day since the show debuted on Crackle (it still exists, and is now Sony Crackle, by the way).

By now, viewers will know the series is not, in fact, about cars or coffee. (Though Seinfeld did get Jay Leno to drink his first cup ever in Season Three.) It’s mostly about comedy, sometimes about nothing and more often than you’d expect about Ricky Gervais’s life-affirming cackle.

As Seinfeld points out in the promo for this season, Comedians in Cars has “influenced a number of other shows.” But while it’s easy enough to copy the conversational format, the GoPro-in-the-car aesthetic, and even the semi-pornographic espresso closeups, there is one thing no other show can ever match: the cars. 

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So today, we’re making it about the cars — or should we say, the vehicles. While Seinfeld’s personalized picks for his celebrity guests have included the best the automotive industry has to offer (a Porsche Carrera GT and Lamborghini Huracán both show up this season), they’ve also included a dune buggy and a pair of scooters. 

Our criteria for the ranking, as you’ll see below, is entirely subjective. We’re ranking these based on what we’d personally most like to own. The only rule is that we’re only including the main vehicles, not the extraneous ones (like the various boats). Where would you put Patton Oswalt’s wet-dream DeLorean? What about George Wallace’s Strip-cruising Buick Riviera? Compare with our highly biased ranking below — Jerry’s most insightful commentary included.

“It’s the automotive equivalent of a man who colors his eyebrows, wears shorts with a belt and tucks his shirt into the shorts.”

“You feel like you’re in a polished silver building that just got pushed off a cliff … Aziz likes to do his road gigs with a tour bus. I’m just going to go along with that.” 

“The Gremlin was built to compete with the Chevrolet Vega and Ford Pinto, which were horrible cars. And compete it did, the Gremlin was even more horrible.”

“I don’t like this car. It’s big, it’s wasteful, it’s got stupid fake-wood paneling on the side, it’s an LTD. LTD stands for ‘limited.’ You know what it’s limited to? How many of these damn things we can sell.”

“Does anyone need it? No. What is it good for? Nothing. But I like things that exist just because they decided they want to exist.”

79. 1976 AMC PacerGuests: George Costanza, Wayne KnightS3, E6: “The Over-Cheer” (Not available on Netflix.)

“A total disaster from initial concept to final execution … I love this car for three reasons: It doesn’t work, looks ridiculous and falls apart.”

78. 2018 Vespa Sei GiorniGuest: Sebastian ManiscalcoS11, E7: “My Wife Didn’t Know The Extent Of It”

“They used to do six-day races, that’s what the ‘6’ is on the front. The name of the scooter is ‘Sei Giorni,’ ‘six days.’” 

“What’s cool about this bus to me is that it was used as a service truck for a VW Porsche repair shop in Campbell, California.”

75. 1959 Lambretta LI 150 ScooterGuest: Sebastian ManiscalcoS11, E7: “My Wife Didn’t Know The Extent Of It”

“Certain machines create obsession. I am obsessed with Italian scooters from the ‘50s and ‘60s.”

74. 1983 Mercedes-Benz 300 Turbo Diesel Station WagonGuest: Martin ShortS11, E8: “A Dream World Of Residuals”

“Cadillac marketed this model as, quote, ‘The new standard of the world in supremacy!’ Eh, it’s about 15 years after World War II. Really? ‘World supremacy’? Is that good marketing?”

“Go to the beach! Go down to the water! Go up and down hills! Waste your time! Waste your life! Who cares? It’s California! Dune buggy! ‘60s! It’s just about having some fun.” 

“Really, what is the point of a car like this? … It’s honestly just a ridiculous way of moving people from place to place.” 

“This is a car if you want to say, I really love British sports cars and dammit I will go down with that ship if I have to.”

69. 1976 Triumph TR6Guests: Colin Quinn, Mario JoynerS1, E8: “I Hear Downton Abbey Is Pretty Good …”

68. 1968 AMC AMXGuest: Jon StewartS4, E5: “The Sound of Virginity”“The complete opposite other end of the American motor spectrum [from the AMC Gremlin].”

67. 1960 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud IIGuests: Mel Brooks, Carl ReinerS1, E9: “I Want Sandwiches, I Want Chicken”

“This was a car for guys that want a sports car, but don’t really want to be inconvenienced. It’s an ‘I get what the young people are doing and I’m part of it, but I will not be putting my mattress on the floor.’”

“This was a sports car for guys that wanted a sports car, but also wanted a VW. So you had to have a sense of humor.”

“It was invented by a Mercedes engineer, [Erich] Waxenberger. He was the first guy who took a really big engine and stuffed it into a regular four-door sedan to make a gentleman’s supercar.”

“This car was a secret project of the boss of Ford at that time, a guy named Bunkie Knudsen … The reason it’s called ‘Boss’ is because whenever the designers were asked what they were working on, they would say, ‘The boss’s car.’” 

At one point in time, people went crazy for these (well, at least a couple people). And we’d happily drive them till the wheels fall off.

“A guy who lives right near where I grew up on Long Island named Irv Gordon drove one of these three million miles, and he’s still not tired of it.”

“If you were an American at the top of whatever you did in the late ‘50s and you wanted to drive around in a mobile version of Las Vegas, this is it.”

57. 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air ConvertibleGuest: Steve HarveyS6, E2: “Always Do the Banana Joke First”

“What I love about this car is, everybody that remembers it, the second they see it, it puts a smile on their face.”

“They were mostly driven over here by professorially, very erudite types, kind of a swinging intellectual vibe.”

“I guarantee you, anyone that ever bought one of these cars had never actually been to the Riviera, unless you mean the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas. It was a total winner.” 

54. 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28Guest: Sebastian ManiscalcoS7, E5: “I Don’t Think That’s Bestiality”

“I’ve never owned a Camaro, but god, just imagine if you could have one of these machines under you in 11th grade. Come on, you get out of driver’s ed and get into this? The rest of your life could be a complete failure. Who cares? This is as good as the human experience gets.”

“Picture yourself, you’re a kid living in Syosset, Long Island, you’re a comedy nerd, your life is a total zero … what car could possibly break you out of your miserable loserness? This is that car.”

“So many chic, small details that you don’t even really notice, but when it drive by you go, ‘What was that?’ That is the power of good design.”

“The [DeLorean Motor Company] was started by John Z. DeLorean. The cars were built in Belfast, Ireland with the financial assistance of Johnny Carson and Sammy Davis, Jr. Belfast, two celebrities — I don’t know why it didn’t work out.”

This is where the show shines: smaller, older and/or rarer whippersnappers you may never have heard of before. 

“This car is the essence of great ‘60s Swedish values: honest, hardworking, unfussy, not out to impress and built to last.”

“[Nissan] thought, let’s just make something cute that we like and maybe somebody else out there will like it.”

“This car was really the very beginning of small two-seat British sports cars catching on in the States. It wasn’t very fast, but it wasn’t very expensive. It’s just a fun, smiley, upbeat little car. So if you were a good humored person with a sporty mentality, it was the perfect car to just drive around town and watch people smile at you.”

“It has millions of lovely details. Unfortunately the build quality is about the same as a potato chip … This car isn’t about making it to your stupid appointment. This is about living a life of artful elegance, and getting stuck in style!” 

46. 1979 Volkswagen Beetle Police CarGuest: Bill MaherS6, E4: “The Comedy Team of Smug and Arrogant”

“We’ve had a lot of cars on this show that put smiles on people’s faces, but I’d say this one really topped the list. You can’t look at this thing and not laugh … it’s a real police car even though it probably can’t do anything that you need a police car to do.”

“Oh my god, how cute is this? It’s like a drip of gelato that fell off your spoon and just drove down the street.”

“This car’s like a puppy that sticks its nose under your hand because it wants to be petted. Hitler would love this car.” 

“Saab is one of my favorite car companies. They started as an aeronautical company in the ‘30s, they barely exist anymore. They were so unique, so individualistic in everything they did.” 

“What makes this thing is it’s got this great Japanese, ‘60s, secret agent vibe — and the engine is a Wankel.” 

“This was the most popular car in post-World War II France … Because French roads were not great at that time, one of the design goals for the car was that it had to be able to cross a plowed field with a basket of eggs on the seat without breaking any.”

“[Studebaker] didn’t do well, so in a last-ditch, Hail Mary effort to save their business, they asked design genius Raymond Loewy to make them a sports car — which he did in a 40-day crash program somewhere on the outskirts of Las Vegas.” 

“Way back in 2011, Acura decided that they were going to build a brand new sports car and they wanted to announce it on the 2012 Super Bowl. They asked me to write the commercial … Amazingly, Acura also included a free NSX for me as part of the deal.”

38. 1958 Bentley S1 ContinentalGuest: Cedric the EntertainerS9, E3: “Dictators, Comics, and Preachers”

“Bentleys and Rolls-Royces were both made by the same company, the idea that Bentley was a little less showy than the Rolls.”

37. 1973 Citroën Maserati SMGuest: Dave ChappelleS10, E2: “Nobody Says, “I Wish I Had A Camera”

“‘Hey, how would you like an updated vehicle from the Third Reich where the doors come off and the windshield folds down so you can drive down to the beach with a surfboard hanging out the back?’”

35. 1974 Volkswagen Thing (from Old Speed)Guest: Mario JoynerS11, E9: “He Should Have Been Done That”

34. 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280SE ConvertibleGuest: Ali WentworthS5, E6: “I’m Going to Take a Percocet and Let That One Go”

“This is a car that says, however I did it, I got some money, I earned it, I stole it, I married it — whatever, I got it.” 

33. 1977 Volkswagen Bus With Westfalia Camper OptionGuest: Jim GaffiganS8, E1: “Stick Around for the Pope”

“It has a kitchen, a bedroom, closets, sink and pop-top roof. It has a four-cylinder, 76-horsepower engine and four-speed gearbox.” 

32. 1970 Plymouth Road Runner SuperbirdGuest: Will FerrellS7, E6: “Mr. Ferrell, For the Last Time, We’re Going to Ask You to Put the Cigar Out”

“The story with this crazy thing is Plymouth built this to try and convince Richard Petty, the famous race car driver, to race for them in 1970. He saw the car and went, ‘I’m in!’” 

“This is my car. I use it to go places, run errands, take people around, or drive it just for the sheer unbelievable fun of it.” 

Will people be mad that we ranked some of these cars this far down? Are some of them here purely for how much they cost? Yes and yes.

30. 2018 Rolls-Royce DawnGuest: Ricky GervaisS11, E3: “China Maybe? Part 1S11, E4: “China Maybe? Part 2

“Rolls-Royce says it’s the sexiest car they’ve ever made. That makes me uncomfortable. Just make the car, don’t tell us what to do.”

“I found it relaxing to just get in this thing and drive into a pile of dirt. I love these vehicles that seem like they just want to be punished.”

“If you are successful and elegant but want to appear sporty and youthful-ish, this understated two-door BMW is perfect.”

27. 1985 Ferrari 308 GTB Quattrovalvole Guest: Trevor NoahS6, E5: “That’s the Whole Point of Apartheid, Jerry”

“Chicks dig it, dudes want it. Ferraris are great cars, they’re fun to drive and they make people look. And if you’re a young guy and things are breaking your way, that’s what you need.”

“This was one of the first cars in America in the ‘60s that made people think, hey maybe these Germans are kind of fun in a certain way.”

“This car is about length and flatness and wideness and notice-me-ness. A lot of these cars had car phones. They didn’t work. It didn’t matter. You just held it next to your ear and felt important.”

24. 1965 Porsche 356C CoupeGuest: Neal BrennanS10, E8: “Red Bottom Shoes Equals Fantastic Babies”

“The thing about this car is that it has a very subtle sophistication to it. It seems like kind of a normal, regular-looking little car, but it’s actually so carefully made and so elegant and complex in the curves of the body, it’s still a lovely car to drive even 60 years after it was first built.”

23. 1956 Chevrolet Corvette ConvertibleGuest: Jimmy FallonS5, E7: “The Unsinkable Legend – Part 1”S5, E8: “The Unsinkable Legend – Part 2”

“It is absolutely the essence of American futuristic positivism of the post-war society at that time.”

22. 1979 Porsche 930 TurboGuest: Garry ShandlingS7, E4: “It’s Great That Garry Shandling Is Still Alive”

21. 1971 Ferrari Daytona 365 GTB/4Guest: Amy SchumerS5, E2: “I’m Wondering What It’s Like to Date Me”

“This is an attractive, powerful, exciting, intense and charismatic machine that makes you feel your deepest human emotions.”

“This car seems like a fairly run-of-the-mill four-door sedan. It is not. It’s considered one of the most aerodynamic shapes ever made.”

“It kind of looks like your regular Ferrari of the ‘80s, if there is such a thing, but this car is much faster, much better built and much more exciting to drive.”

“I’ve always liked these vehicles. It’s basic, it’s classic, it’s durable, it’s user-friendly. I love the way this rear window kind of curves around the back.”

17. 2018 Lamborghini Huracán PerformanteGuest: Matthew BroderickS11, E5: “These People That Do This Stuff, They Stink.”

“What I like about Lamborghinis is they don’t care too much about reality. They’re fantasy cars for people who are living in fantasy worlds.” 

16. Porsche Carrera GTGuest: Eddie MurphyS11, E1: “I Just Wanted to Kill”“There are things, there are special things, but then there is this thing … It was originally intended to be a race car for Le Mans, but they decided not to do the race and instead just kind of tame it down, make it a street car. That was a good, crazy idea.”

“What if at just the right time, just the right people made just the right thing? What if it came out so right that no matter how hard anybody tried, they couldn’t quite make a thing that was better than that thing? It doesn’t happen much. But the 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS is one of those things.”

14. 1957 BMW 507 Roadster Series IIGuest: Christoph WaltzS9, E5: “Champagne, Cigars, and Pancake Batter”

“This is something that happens every once in a while in the car world, where a car company gets a little out of control, a little excited about making something better than they ever have before, and they end up putting too much into it, too much quality, too much detail, and they suddenly realize: there’s no way we can make a profit on this!”

“This car was designed a half a century ago. Somehow it still looks like it’s coming out next year.”

12. 1969 Jaguar XKE Series II E-Type ConvertibleGuest: Sarah SilvermanS2, E1: “I’m Going to Change Your Life Forever”

“When the E-Type was introduced, Enzo Ferrari said that this was the most beautiful car ever designed.” 

“[Paul Newman] called me one day and he said, ‘A guy is building me a Volvo station wagon with a racing engine. Would you like one?’ And because it was Paul Newman, I was a little intimidated and I said, ‘Yes I do, Paul. I’d like one of those cars.’ And he said, ‘Great, do you want a puffer on it?’ So I said sure, and I got off the phone and I said, ‘Does anybody know what a puffer is?’” 

10. 1966 Porsche 356 SC Cabriolet Dutch Police CarGuest: Barry MarderS1, E7: “You Don’t Want to Offend a Cannibal”S11, E12: “Big Lots and BevMo!”

“Why the Dutch police of the 1960s felt they needed Porsche convertibles to do their job, I don’t know. But I love this thing.”

“[Porsche] retooled their entire production line just to make 10 more of these for the Dutch police department … And of the 10 they made, this is the 10th of the 10. So it is the very last Porsche 356 ever made … But it is also the first car I ever used for the very first episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.”

8. 1963 Corvette StingrayGuest: President Barack ObamaS7, E1: “Just Tell Him You’re the President”

“The idea behind this car is just confidence. This came from an American culture that would just say things and do them without having any idea how. ‘We’re going to put a man on the moon!’ ‘How we gonna do it? When we gonna do it? Why are we doing this?’ ‘No idea.’ We just did stuff. Crazy, but great.”

7. 1976 Lamborghini Countach LP400Guest: Jim CarreyS6, E3: “We Love Breathing What You’re Burning, Baby”

“It’s got eyelashes on its headlights! Jesus! It’s incredibly masculine and incredibly feminine at the same time.”

“Morgans are unbelievable cars. They’re very British. Brits like tradition. This basic design has been in production since 1936 … These cars are so cool to me because they just don’t care what the other companies are doing.”

“No other car could possibly have been exactly what James Bond needed when it was time to save the world. It’s dapper, it’s dashing, it’s distinguished, it’s deadly.”

3. 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL GullwingGuest: Lorne MichaelsS8, E5: “Everybody Likes to See the Monkeys”

“A lot of people say to me, ‘Jerry, what is the point of these old cars on your silly show? It’s outdated technology. They’re not as good as new cars. The restoration, the maintenance. Where are you going to get parts? Why would someone go through all that?’ Well, what if there was a car that was so special, so beautiful, so elegant that it could maybe even show you the meaning of life?!”

“Imagine it is 1966 and you are so big in the business you have to open your own chain of movie theaters with your cartoon face on the marquee. You think like a star, you live, breathe and act like a star, and you’ve got the talent to back it up. This is the car you drive if you are that legend … [This is] the exact model and color Jaguar [Jerry Lewis] owned and drove in the mid-’60s during his heyday.”

12v Children's Electric Car

“This is one of the very first production cars produced by the Porsche company. The first cars were built by hand in a sawmill in Gmünd, Austria. That’s why a lot of people call them Gmunds. They were made mostly of Volkswagen parts, but the body had a very advanced aerodynamic shape and was made of all hand-formed aluminum … This car somehow survived with 100% of its original components intact. The most amazing thing to me about this car is if you get in a Porsche that was built today, they feel kind of similar.”

A requiem for the simple elegance of the Ford Fusion, Buick LaCrosse and, of course, the Chevrolet Impala

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