Iran, which is facing increasing pressured from the United States, wishes to turn “International Quds Day”, set to take place this Friday, May 31, 2019, to a show of opposition to the peace plan of President Trump, known as the “deal of the century.” On the eve of Quds Day, Ramazan Sharif, the Spokesman of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), declared that the slogan used for Quds Day rallies this year will be “the defeat of the Deal of the Century and stabilization of the Palestinian Question.” He lambasted the “deal of the century” and warned that its purpose is to eliminate Palestine. He added that the Palestinians have moved from using rocks to using rockets, emphasizing that the new generation of Palestinians is more committed than its predecessors to the struggle against Israel.

The invitation to participate in the “March of Return,” held on May 31, 2019, under the slogan “International Quds Day.” The banner also reads “No to the deal of the century” and the hashtag #toward_Jerusalem (The Facebook page of the Supreme National Committee of the Marches of Return)

The escalation between Iran and the United States and its regional allies, in parallel to the Trump administration efforts to advance the “deal of the century” and the upcoming summit to be held in Bahrain are providing Iran with another opportunity to express its ideological and material commitment to the Palestinian issue, emphasizing its leading role I the “Resistance Front,” and to respond to the U.S. strategy of “maximum pressure” applied against it. We assess that Iran may exploit the occasion of Quds Day to score propaganda points against Israel, the United States and its regional allies. It is possible that Iran will try, among other measures, to encourage protests across Western countries and the Arab world.[1] This will be done to convey an additional deterrent message to Israel, the United States, and Iran’s adversaries in the Persian Gulf, and to bolster its position as the leader of the Islamic “Resistance Camp.”

[1] On June 2, 2019, a protest is set to be held marking International Quds Day in London. The protest is being organized by the Islamic human Rights Commission (IHRC), a body that organized protests in London on the occasion of International Quds Day in recent years. The protest will begin at Marsham Street and end at Downing Street. In our assessment, similar events are set to be held in other Western countries. ↑[2] See the report by the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center from May 26, 2019, “Strong Palestinian Authority rejection of the upcoming American economic workshop in Bahrain.” Accessible online: ↑[3] See the publication of the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, Spotlight on Iran May 5- 19, 2019. Accessible online: ↑

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