Key literacy skills cannot be taught with just any content. Engage students with thousands of texts on topics they care about most, with standards-aligned lesson supports built for ELA instruction.

Special introductory discounts and pilot offers available on Newsela ELA, Newsela Social Studies and Newsela Science.

Engage every learner with thousands of real-world texts that feature diverse perspectives and people all students can identify with

"The standards are the guides as to what needs to be taught. However, it is a challenge to generate exciting lessons around particular standards. It is important that providers create meaningful content that met the curricular requirements of the state, as well authentic and high engagement learning activities."

"Middle Schoolers are complicated creatures. Many need academic support, but are acutely aware of anything that "otherizes them". With Newsela, I can provide all students a high-interest article they can dive into and no one feels left out or that they are reading something "different" from every one else."

Everything you find on Newsela is vetted and aligned to standards. Teachers can search by standard or topic to find content that both supports their curriculum and is engaging and accessible to every learner.

"Newsela makes the content accessible to all learners. Being able to adjust the lexile level helps to ensure that all learners have access to the same content. Also, there are options to translate articles into Spanish, which has allowed our Spanish teachers to use articles to teach grammar and culture using Newsela."

"Visibility of student performance is very important to most schools and educators where decisions are very heavily data driven. That live and real data on each student allows for an accurate dashboard reflection showing reading history, time spent on the article, and reading level."

"I'm excited that multiple perspectives are represented in lesson groups. This encourages equity-oriented thinking in our students without pushing any one agenda. "

"We anticipated having to pry novels out of English teachers’ hands, but when we revealed Newsela and the platform to all 5-12 teachers, they were amazed. They were asking, ‘How can this be true?' "

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